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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
I have recently discovered interlibrary loan. Our library is fabulous - they make everything so easy and have a friendly, helpful staff.

Yesterday I had to pick up some books they were holding for me, and thought I'd order a couple that are on a reading list of Pioneer kids books (BTW - looking for suggestions, 1840-1875 frontier life, grade 1-4!).

A young man was being helped by the poor librarian at the next desk. I felt so bad for her.

Young Man: I want to read a book.

Librarian: Okay, what are you interested in?

Young Man: Nothing really, I just felt like reading a book.

Librarian: What kind of book?

Young Man: Well, I'm going to college next month so I thought I should maybe read a book?

Librarian: Uh, well, I have the recommended reading lists for 12th graders? Would you like to look at that?

Young Man: Okay. (Look at list). Are any of these good?

Librarian: Well, they are all literature recommended by colleges and high school teachers. What are you studying in college? Maybe I can help you.

Young Man: Don't know yet. I think I'll just look around for a book.

Well, he certainly came to the right place, I suppose! I think I should have warned him to skip Thomas Hardy if he's not used to actually reading books. I wonder what he chose?

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