Duct Tales
Thursday, June 19, 2008
Wow! Since an overwhelming majority of my commenters want to see my van held together with duct tape, here it is!

A little plastic clip that held the entire tail light assembly broke when husband dear wired the van for trailer lights. That was... umm... three children ago. Yeah, I was pregnant with the five year old when it happened.

The packing tape helps out when the glue on the duct tape melts in the Texas sun. Plus it's shiny, like lip gloss for the back of your car. Right? Right? Self-delusion can be fun.

This happened about 4 months ago, whenMama some dummy who wasn't watching hit the trash can while backing out. Our mirrors are all fancy schmancy, wired up so you can adjust them at the flick of a button. You can't really adjust it through six layers of the tape, but since the window doesn't roll down anyway, who cares?

And, for my sister, here's a picture of my front door. We didn't break the glass, it was cracked when we moved in.

See what happens when you let the common folk into your HOA neighborhood? I was going to spring for some nifty green duct tape at WalMart as a Father's Day present, but I forgot. I think that would be classy, though, don't you?


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