Friday, June 06, 2008
Days after posting a slightly gleeful account of how Lifelock is not the airtight protection of your information that they claim to be, I am the victim of identity theft.

We were offline for a few days while moving into our new house and waiting for the internet to be hooked up, so I'm not sure how bad the damage is. I think we caught it very early.

They stole my husbands debit card number, but used it with my name. Now our checking account is all messed up (mainly because I am in another state and it's taking time to get the paperwork done.) I'm just hoping our deposit check to the water company doesn't bounce because I've grown used to the convenience of indoor plumbing. Plus I think the HOA bans the alternative to running water.

Note to criminals: If you are going to steal someone's money, it's a good bet that the family with 7 children and a minivan held together with duct tape doesn't have much. You may want to look for more lucrative pastures - seriously, you could have worked a minimum wage job without risking jail and made more money.


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