Obama Would Annihilate States Rights
Monday, June 16, 2008

and annihilate our children, too!

Okay, that's a cheap shot but accurate in light of his votes to prevent newborns from receiving life saving care in Illinois, votes that give doctors and hospitals the right to put babies in closets or other out of the way places to die alone. Yes, this was happening in America and Obama wanted to allow it to continue! Fortunately, the federal version passed, protecting babies in IL despite the Senator's actions.

Last July, Barack Obama sought to soothe the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, a political PAC, assuring them that abortion rights is a very high priority. (BTW, despite claiming to NOT take money from PACs, he does.)

He, along with 18 other Senators, co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act. Of course, that's a misnomer, as the FOCA makes sure states don't have any choice regarding the regulation of abortion.

That's right, folks, Obama apparently forgot we live in a Republic and thinks the federal government should mandate what is, and is not allowed throughout the land, whether the states' residents want it or not. He knows what's best for us, after all!

The Freedom of Choice Act assures that women will be able to abort on demand. No state can restrict it. The Federal Partial Birth Abortion Act will not be able to limit it. Any hospital, doctor, or agent of the state that does not go along could be sued.

Be careful of a Marxist bourgeoisie pandering to the proletariat. Don't think that applies to Obama? Just listen to his wife try to foment class warfare. (Note to Michelle: Wearing chic suits and pearls does not make you Jackie O.)

I promise this is not going to be an I hate Obama blog. However, it's my blog and these are the things I talk about in everyday life. For the record, I don't think McCain's a peach either. IMO, the McCain-Feingold Act strips away American's right to free speech.

I'm thinking of making a separate, political blog. What do you guys think? Do you like my weird mix of household tips, cheapo adventures, and opinionated rants? Or should I just stick to family life?

And who wants to see a picture of my duct taped van, because that's what I was originally going to post today? :)

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