Salt on the Wound
Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I just have to vent somewhere, and that place, Internets, is here. (Anyone want to diagram that sentence?)

I shared the little tiff with my editor. (I didn't mention the part where she said it was too irritating for me to write with small children. I left out those modifiers, trying to be the bigger person.)

Yesterday, said editor posted a few items herself. And she used the wrong word in the HEADLINE (oh, those homophones! Ante/Anti tripped her up) PLUS an egregious misuse of its/it's/its'.

Update: Another homophone abuse! Heals/heels (mis)posted today. But I can't point it out, because she's still my boss...


Updated Thursday 6/19: Today we are promised a "sneak peak" of comics from "five different continents; England, France, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, ..."

Related aside: I found this nifty post on last week's Works for Me Wednesday. Anyone have this book?

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