Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Some of you may remember I write about TV online for pay. I won't link because I use my real name as a byline.

I got a new editor at the beginning of the month. My payment for May never came. I inquired of my editor if she could find out if the check was cut (we moved in the interim, and I was worried it went to our old address.) She brushed me off. A few days later I inquired again (actually, I just asked her for the accounting department's contact info, so I could take care of it myself.)

Today demoted me from Staff writer to freelance recapper. (It turns out that the payment policy had changed from twice a month to once a month, which is no problem... except they might have bothered with telling us about it!)

I almost quit on the spot. I was particularly irritated by this line from the email:
I know you have small kids
and I don't want this to start taking
more time from your family than it

I work from home. I do not talk to anyone on the phone, and it's frankly none of her business whether I have two, ten, or no little ones running around. She has never once told me she had a problem with my writing, and I have never implied that it was "too much work." Actually, if I thought it was, I wouldn't do it.

In fact, the only post that she ever "unpublished" in order to fix was because the code for a widget that she created didn't work properly at first. And then it was fixed and published just fine.

It just really ticked me off that she put it off as "taking too much time from my family", whom she has never met and knows nothing about (I don't think she knows I have 7 kids.) She should just say I annoyed her by asking to be paid or sending her too many emails and left it at that.

I'll still do the recaps until I find something else. Anyone hiring a writer? Unfortunately, I don't work for free!

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