Chinese Dislocation
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Anyone who has read my blog for longer than, oh, say a week knows that I have it in for China. Specifically, I feel the need to pass on any information I come across regarding the appalling treatment the Chinese citizens are given at the hands of their own government. I can't do much from my little corner of South, USA - but I can stop looking the other way and do a little to inform the public's conscience.

The recalls and dangerous food, toys, toiletries, and medicines coming out of China are a symptom of the real disease: the Chinese government sees people as a commodity. The do not believe each individual is endowed by their Creator with inherent dignity; rather, humans are are pawns to be pushed, pulled, or fooled in order to gain money and power.

As you may or may not know, the Olympics are scheduled to take place in Beijing. I have an anti-Beijing button on my left sidebar - Faithmouse is giving them away free, and will link back to you if you post it.

Steven Spielberg was a consultant on the Beijing Olympics, but recently pulled out, citing China's involvement in Darfur. China buys 70% of the Sudan's oil, and supplies the government with weapons. Since 2006, China opposed sending UN Peacekeepers to the Darfur region to support efforts to stop the genocide that has killed 2 million people - while implying that it is the US and Europe that aren't doing enough to stop it.

Earlier, it was reported that China is stealing homes and lands to make room for Olympics .
I'm not sure if "stealing" is the right word, though, since it is a Communist government and everything belongs to the State.

The argument that the Olympics should not be politicized is a red herring. There is a big difference between disagreeing with a country's politics, and injecting billions of tourism and broadcast dollars into a murderous regime.

Is murder too strong a word? The students at Tiananmen Square were murdered. Political prisoners are routinely executed and their organs sold on the black market (7000 per year). The Dying Room is a documentary that exposes the neglectful killing of orphaned babies (not including the forced abortions).

Justice and liberty are hallmarks of the American Way. Do we love sports so much that we will stand by silently, being entertained on the backs of our brothers and sisters who were tortured, starved, imprisoned and killed? Reminds me of another culture that loved to be entertained:

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