WFMW: Tofu? Kids? Really?
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tofu is good for you, full of soy protein, isoflavones, and not full of saturated fat.

Organic tofu is cheaper than natural beef or free range chicken.

Tofu is Lent approved!

Tofu is whitish gray, jiggly, and unpleasantly smooshy. It tastes pretty much like nothing. Nothing except squishiness. You can't exactly sink your teeth into it.

What's a crazy healthnut cheapskate Mama to do?

Make pasta! This recipe was so good, my meat-and-potato German husband even bragged it up to my brother-in-law.

I don't have a blender, and when I tried the recipe all I had was extra firm tofu, not silken. I used my mixer and it still turned out tasty. I used Hunt's fire roasted diced tomatoes and a roasted red pepper I had laying about (lazy little thing), and used Healthy Harvest penne to up the nutritional content.

I think you could probably just put a block of tofu and a jar of spaghetti sauce in the blender and it would still be fast, helathy and good.

I don't really approve of the whole "deceptively delicious" philosophy, so I told the kids it was tofu - but you could easily hide the health food factor. And they did all eat it up!

Tofu works for me! Visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer for more tips and tricks!

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