Children's Penance Retreat
Thursday, February 28, 2008
Remember - go to Confession at least once per year and receive Communion during Eastertide!

Activities, talks, and encouragement:

A simple children's penance service. (Opens as a Word document.)

Printable Confessional guide for children, with very simple Act of Contrition.

Very thorough Examination of Conscience talk for children , based on the Ten Commandments.

General information about Confession, including facts about absolution and how to carry out your penance.

Examination of Consciences:

Examination of Conscience for children written by a priest based on the Ten Commandments.

A short examination of conscience for children, with traditional Act of Contrition.

Children's Examination of Conscience, very simple, based on Responsibilities to God and to Others.

If you have any other resources, post in the comments!

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