Underdog Day
Friday, January 04, 2008
Well, it looks like the underdogs won out in Iowa. Obama (and Edwards) beat out Hillary, and Huckabee beat Romney. Interesting to see that Ron Paul got 10% - and poor Giuliani only got 3%. I'm not sure what he was expecting - he's not actually a Republican, despite the R next to his name.

I was so disappointed to see Obama take the win. He gives a good speech, but in his core he is morally bankrupt. He voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

The BAIPA has nothing to do with abortion rights, pro-choice, etc. It simply says that if a baby is born alive, doctors and nurses must treat that baby like any other and not stick her in a closet or lay her on a shelf until she dies of exposure. Barack Obama voted to allow that practice - letting newborns die while competent medical care stands by doing nothing - to continue. Lord help us if he's elected. (What does it say about America, that such legislation is even needed?)
(What does it say about America that this actually happened and is not a hypothetical situation?)

(Don't view the Youtube with the kids around. Jill Stanek tells Bill about her experience being forced not to treat a Downs Syndrome baby, who died after 45 minutes of medical neglect in a hospital)

On a lighter note, why is that when the baby gets two teeth in one day, it's Mama that feels the pain and gets nothing done?

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