Hurry up already
Thursday, January 03, 2008
Can't wait for SC caucus to be over. I'm tired of politics. Well, actually, I'm tired of not having anyone to kvetch about politicians to. And I'm tired of trying to pick the best of a mediocre crop.

Some thoughts on Huckabee:

I don't care that his bookcase looks like a cross. My bookcase also features right angles.

He isn't quite truthful. A politician? No way!

He is a scab, crossing the WGA picket lines. So now Hollywood picket signs are railing against him (like they were going to vote for him, anyway. We're talking about a place where the Governator passes for a Republican.)

And, quite frankly, I'm confused that the HSLDA has come out and said that he's their man. The NEA has also said they'll endorse him, and the HSLDA has criticized Huckabee in the past for signing anti-homeschooling legislation and reducing parents' right to direct their child's education.

Sigh. What's a slightly green, quasi-Libertarian conservative with social justice concerns to do?


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