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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Today is a Works For Me Wednesday with a twist. I'll be asking for your input and best tips!

My current pressing problem?

How do I keep Baby C out of the fruit.

Baby C loves fruit. Specifically, she loves the first bite of fruit. She will take one or two bites out of three or four apple-peaches, which is what she calls all fruit except for Nanas. I've tried storing it in the fridge (she's too smart for that) and on top of the fridge (which led to the unfortunate multiplication of fruit flies - out of sight, out of mind!)

Two days ago I caught her eating an apple in bed. At 10 pm! She was asleep at 8, so I can only surmise that she hid a midnight snack under her pillow. Oh, I forgot to mention that fun aspect of it - the slighty moldy plum halves and apple cores stashed throughout the house. It's a wonder she hasn't died of fruit poisoning.

I've seen fruit displayed in pretty glass apothecary jars, with lids, but I foresee a loud crash followed by the consumption of one bite of apple-peach if I were to get one of those.

She can climb up. She knows where I keep the stool and can unfold it. If the stool is lacking, she's been known to dump over the bathroom trashcan and use that.

Fun all around, that is.

Let me know if you can make this Work for Me! Baby C is 22 months old, and is quite the sneaky one. She can sneak in plain sight. Laying low comes naturally to that one!

Currently, fruit is stored in a bowl in the microwave. She hasn't figured out how to get into there yet - but it's just a matter of time!

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