I Cant' Explain It
Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Jill Stanek runs a website that is constantly updated with the latest pro-life news. The commenters are quite active as well, debating back and forth.

One commenter had mentioned that she had many problems with her deliveries, in response to a comment along the lines of "until you know how difficult and dangerous pregnancy can be, don't judge". Another commenter by the name of Laura (who seems very young to me, but you never know on the internet) replied that the woman was a pro-choice poster girl, a shining example of why women should not give birth.

At that very moment, I had Baby X on my lap (I read blogs while nursing) with Baby C at my knee. Baby C is not quite two, and just learned how to slap five. She was earnestly, and so patiently, attempting to teach the baby how to high five. They were both laughing and playing together.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

The sisters love to play with Baby X!
And, Baby C has continued her campaign to teach Baby X how slap five. Now she holds his hand, slaps it, and calls it Baby Five. She has also named all of her babies Baby X - which is what we actually call Baby X sometimes - even though she calls him "Gooey Gooey". Ahh, feel the love!

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