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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Thomas the Tank just can't catch a break.

More toys recalled:

Thomas the Tank

Gardening tools - sold at Jo-Ann Fabrics (I saw these listed as a great find on a Montessori loop earlier this year - check your kid's school too!

Gardening Tools and Furniture - sold at Target

Knights of the Sword figures
Knights of the Sword
Are you sitting down? Here's a shocker: All of these things are Made in China.

And... your baby's bed might be on a recall list:
Kolcraft recalls 425,000 playyards

Simplicity recalls 1,000,000 wooden cribs

Our children receive $1.00 as allowance, and a trip to the Dollar Store is much anticipated. Husband dear and I discusses disallowing them to purchase toys there because of the Made in China recalls, but it never really got off the ground. Guess what? No more Made in China toys around here for a while!

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