Happy Birthday
Friday, March 09, 2007
To Me!

I won't tell you the year (although I'm still this side of thirty), but since we are still sick, (read: not sleeping) I'll just leave you with some important things that happened in history today:

1440 - St. Francis of Rome died. A wife and mother, she later became a nun. Two of her children died of the plague, and her surviving son and husband were kidnapped in all of the uproar about the Pope, Avignon, and the Western Schism. She founded an order of nuns that weren't cloistered because most of the established orders wouldn't take widows.
1916 - Pancho Villa got his groove on and invaded New Mexico. The Mexican raiders killed 17 (ish) soldiers and civilians, and lost 80 of their own troops. Then the US sent 6000 more soldiers to finish them off.

1959 - The Barbie doll debuted. Whee.

1986 - The Challenger debris is found, including the remains of the astronauts, by Navy divers.

2005 - Dan Rather's last broadcast. Happy Birthday to me!

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