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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Today's Works for Me Wednesday tip might be old hat to some of you more internet savvy bloggers. It's new to me, however, despite my use of eBay to buy birthday presents for my kids (Pirate Playmobil set, $15.00. Set of 8 tapes Adventures in Odyssey to listen to in the car while on a three day crosscountry move, $6.00 priceless.) I also use eBay to fantasize about my appearance on Antiques Roadshow with the pink flower plates that were left in the cupboard of our last rental house or the blue vase from Goodwill. You never know when you might uncover a valuable treasure!

My tip? eBay's Want It Now section. People with no delayed gratification skills eager to buy can post an ad for free. So, if you are dying for a Nourishing Traditions cookbook (hint. hint. Birthday coming soon, husband dear!) or want some dinner plates to replace the one your two year old helped unload from the dishwasher, this is the place for you! It's much more efficient than trolling the auctions searching for keywords - not that I've given that up. It's paradise for anyone who knows what they want and doesn't want to pay full price for it.

Another use: I browse the ads to see if I have anything someone else wants. I've got a ton of books, dear to me, but not too special to sell! My husband occasionally has an opportunity to sell very specialized construction parts and tools. I've even seen people asking for someone to handcrochet, knit, or sew them a special blanket or item.

Best of all, you won't end up paying a listing fee for junk you weren't able to sell, then try to decide whether to dump it in the Goodwill box or list again.

Works for Me!

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