I Don't Mean to Complain....
Monday, March 05, 2007
But, can't you just do your job?

I hate my doctor. Actually, I hate the OB/GYN practice. I've never seen the same doctor more than twice, although I have seen the midwife about 4 times

Seriously, I'm so ready to just have this baby at home. Alone. And never darken their doorstep again. It's a good thing I pretty much know what I'm doing, and what to expect, because I have no faith in them at all, but at this point I'm pretty much stuck. This particular office has branches in the three towns surrounding me, and they are the only ones covered by my insurance within 30 miles.

This is the worst prenatal care I've ever recieved (and, it's my 7th baby and 10th pregnancy, so I think I'm qualified to judge!)

The practice is big. It's difficult to get an appointment. I'm really just a number. I have had to remind the nurse to listen to the baby with the fetal doppler. They've forgotten to take my blood pressure (even though it tends towards the high side and the doctor requested that I take it at home!).

They offer botox and eyebrow tinting, along with other assorted spa services, with flyers and brochures in the waiting room, bathroom, and every examination room. I'm not sure why this irritates me so much... oh yeah, because it's an OB/GYN office! Seriously, eyebrow tinting?
And they have the nerve to scoff when I say I don't think it's healthy to eat Nutrasweet, but they offer aromatherapy and ear candling?

The staff, especially the midwife that I always get stuck with, range from indifferent to mean. Actually, I like my "official" doctor, but I've only seen her twice. And the second time she forgot to mention to me that she wanted me to have the Rhogam shot, so I didn't remind the nurse and it didn't get done until someone else caught it 3 weeks later.

Earlier in my pregnancy, I asked the midwife if they could do a thyroid test when they took my blood. Ok, she says, and orders it. Doesn't bother to ask me why I would request the test, if I have had problems before, if it runs in my family...she also never bothers to give the result. I called a couple of weeks later to learn that it's 'normal' but the person on the phone doesn't have the actual number for the results.

No one has asked me if I'm taking my vitamins, given me any nutritional advice at all, mentioned my weight gain (is it good, bad, ugly? They didn't even say anything when I LOST 3 pounds in a week). I don't know which hospital I'm supposed to deliver at, if I need to preregister, what phone number to call first or if I just show up? I don't really get a chance to ask since the practitioner breezes in and out within 5 minutes.

I've mentioned the last several appointments that I have been having contractions. Finally, last visit at 33 1/2 weeks pregnant(with that darn midwife again), I ask if maybe I should have a cervix check? Nope, not necessary she says. Doesn't ask me how often the contractions are, how long they last, how long do I have them? This is despite a long history of bedrest, terbutaline meds, and a preterm baby (he was 35 weeks). I mean, when a pregnant lady tells you she's having contractions, wouldn't you at least want to know that it is 2-3 times a day, 5-7 minutes apart, and lasts for 3-4 hours? I haven't gotten around to mentioning (again) that they are very often accompanied by chest pain - I get very short of breath and it feels like someone is sitting on my chest during them which pretty much makes me wiped out and useless by the time my husband gets home from work. I mentioned it around 30 weeks (they weren't that often, but I did get that chest pain) and she shrugged it off.

I've been on weekly appointments for the last three weeks, to review my blood sugars (which are generally good and almost always within range.) I was supposed to go last Wednesday, but I had to postpone due to sick children. The midwife wanted me to see an actual doctor that time, (you don't see a doctor every time, only if the nurse or midwife orders a physician appointment) because, although she said my blood sugars looked fine and were within range, she was concerned because my fasting sugar was not even - one day it is very low, 58-60 range, the next, borderline high, 110 range. So, it is always up and down to extremes within the guidelines.

So, I see a random doctor today - a woman not much older than myself. She had pictures of her with her three year old son in the exam room, so I was hopeful to get a caring practitioner.

Instead, she tells me I'm wasting my time coming in every week. She tells my blood sugars are "half a**ed" because I don't always do a one hour post after every meal (I always do a fasting, but sometimes I end up with a 2 hour post meal, instead of a one hour. And, since the babies nap after lunch, I try to nap too. So I'm sometimes asleep when I should be poking my finger). (Furthermore, she uses that word in front of my little kids). She calls me "Babe" and says I would be better off not doing my blood sugars at all. Why do I do a fasting everyday? She can't tell anything from a fasting blood sugar. They're meaningless to her. She says she'll just throw away my logsheet, unless I want it back. And come back in two weeks. I mention I've been on weekly appointments, I get a short sigh, then again "Nope. Two weeks". And she 's gone.

I've been sick for a couple of weeks. Today, at my visit, I can barely talk (sore throat), caught pink eye from the kids (oh, goody). I'm hacking and coughing. I mention I just finished a cough drop and took some medication. No one takes my temperature, asks how I'm feeling, or even inquires as to what meds I might be on. I don't even get those nifty little prenatal education flyers - "Your body at 30 weeks, 34 weeks, etc."

I hate my doctors.


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