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My First Ever Tackle It Tuesday Post!
Well, we're down to the nitty-gritty around here - my To-Do list is growing exponentially! I wish I knew how to post that nifty strike-out font, but until then, here's my To Do and DONE! lists. To be fair, it is not exclusively a "Tackle it Tuesday" as I began working - and the list -yesterday. I want it all done by Saturday - Sunday being a day of rest, and all, plus company coming Monday.

Clean ceiling fans (ummm...never been done, we moved in August!)

Clean toilet

Clear bathroom floor (toys, clothes. trash - I do this everyday it seems!)

Put away laundry (3 homeless loads making a home on my couch - again!)

Organize schoolroom shelves (amazing how one week of not enforcing the rules wreaks havoc! That, and finally bringing the office stuff inside to unpack!) (Those are turtles in the tank. Pathetic, I know.)

Clear off top of TV stand

Wrap husband's gifts (already bought, thank goodness!)

Organize hurricane/disaster supplies (8 yo son was hunting for beef jerky, and dumped them all in a pile on the closet floor. We don't have any doors on our closets, and company coming for Christmas dinner! I can't make him do it, though, since there's lamp oil, matches, sternos, and other stuff an 8 yo Dennis the Menace would LOVE to get his hands on!)

Clean out coat closet (This was home to my craft stuff and misc. stuff. Husband dear set up an empty cupboard for my yarn and sewing, so I can finally clear this one out! Good thing, it's literally the first thing you see when you open the front door - no doors!)

Mark wall for hooks for little one's coats

Clean entryway (This is a large flat surface, and the kids use it for cars, trains, etc.)

Sweep entryway

Mop hallway

Mop bathroom floor

Clean bathroom door (Ok, I do babysteps! Gotta take it slow!)

Straighten Christmas tree (my little decorators have made it ornament heavy in a spot exactly 3 feet from the ground. The rest of the tree is naked.)

Put kid books on shelf

Make kids beds with new plastic sheets

Clean off side table (these are our worst clutter catchers around here. Anything kids/husband don't want the baby to get gets set on this table, it's higher than an eating table)

Find gold paint pen (that I just spent $2.50 on to finish homemade Christmas gifts, and disappeared while still in the bag from the store!)

Finish homemade ornaments (and then vacuum up the glitter!)

Print out Christmas letter (Halfway there!)

Mail Christmas cards (Halfway there! Better late than never)

Make cookies (need 4 doz. minimum by tomorrow at 6:20 am)

Sew girls dresses

Wash down and bring in kid picnic table for Christmas dinner

Make rolls and kolaches for Christmas (hopefully the only thing I'll need to do Sunday!)

Clean microwave

Clean out fridge (I found cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving... need to do this more often!)

Clean stovetop, dials, back (Christmas dinner at my house - and we have an eat in kitchen!)

Clean front of dishwasher

Organize and straighten linen closet

Find a box for rags; gather rags and worn out clothes and put them in the box

File paperwork for 10 minutes

Go to store (took 3 hours total! Whew!)

Cut out pattern (2 dresses; still need to cut out interfacing, but that's only one pattern piece)

Give Seb a bath

Get clothes out of 8 yo room (he balls up undies and socks and stuffs them everywhere. Then he can't figure out why his drawer is empty)

Mail eBay package

Determine shipping cost for homemade Christmas presents and purchase stamps so I don't have to go back to the post office!

Plan menu for the week, plan Christmas dinner menu.

Balance the checkbook (note to self: next time do this before going to the store!)

And, of course, feed, clothe, wash dishes, vacuum, etc. for 8 people, the daily stuff. And supervise the kids doing their chores, which sometimes takes longer than just doing it myself!

I did manage to start my day well, despite 2 sets of missing shoes (when I spend all night shopping at W*Mart, husband dear doesn't always remember to find these the night before)
Here's what I got to wake me up today:

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