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Friday, December 08, 2006

Do Unto Others
... and make it a family project:

Here's a link to a pattern for walker/wheelchair caddies. It's pretty simple sewing, and looks like a great project for a beginner, or a girl's first project. Keep it in mind if you take your kids to visit a nursing home this year!
One with lots of illustrations:

I would make one addition to the pattern, though. Instead of 3 equal sized pockets, I'd make one a little wider (to accomodate the TV Guide, Reader's Digest, or Crossword puzzle book so many seniors carry with them) and one pocket much smaller, for a pen or pencil. Avoid zippers and buttons - tough for sore hands and older eyes! Also, consider velcro fasteners instead of the tie-ons of the second pattern, for the same reason.

Carewear also has patterns for preemie clothes and baby burial clothes, and donates them to families who have a sick infant or whose baby has died.

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