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Friday, December 15, 2006
A totally selfish post that no one in Bloggetyville could possibly care about - but I need to get it out there!

My Christmas Wishlist:
(why, yes, I am a homebody nerd that never gets out of the kitchen! How'd you know?)

A waffle iron. One that bakes waffles exclusively - not a George Foreman 5 in 1, not one that makes crostini and grilled cheese too. Also, the waffles it makes need to be toaster sized. Non-stick finish, thermostat, and if possible, latch or lock for cooking. Small countertop size, so it won't make the kitchen lights dim when I plug it in. I really like Oster 3865 / 3878 Chrome Belgian Waffle Maker, which you can probably find in stores. (It comes prescored to break into quarters for the kids, and makes them nice and thick.) It's at Target on sale now!

A gravy boat (plain white porcelain or silver toned) Right now I use a Pyrex measuring cup.
Practical, yes, aesthetically pleasing - no. Oh, and make it big enough to hold gravy for 8 people, please!

A laminator. Small enough for tabletop/desktop, large enough to feed an 8-1/2"x11" sheet of paper into. Check out the plastic too - make sure the refills won't break the bank!

A tea pot. I really, really want a real tea pot (no, not a kettle. The pretty things you put on the table.) I found this one and I really love it. Even better is the pattern - "Clarabelle" which is what we call my youngest daughter. Only $20- order now for Christmas! Don't worry, I checked and can get matching cups on eBay.

This book. Yes, buy it from the link, please. It's the cheapest price I could find and you can use PayPal.

A subscription to these magazines:
Creative Screenwriting
This Rock
National Geographic
Family Circle

Another bench for the table. Yep, we're a two chicken, two bench family now!

Bookshelves for the bedroom. Also some sort of bed table would be nice. And maybe a lamp. The one 40 watt wall sconce for our 10x15' bedroom is a little dim.

Fix the master bathroom shower so that the hot water tap doesn't burn me.

A printer that makes pictures look nice, has easily refillable ink cartridges, and doesn't make me swear and hand feed the paper into it one sheet at a time.

Please do not get me:
A jewelry box
Appliances for hair - no curler, no dryer, no straightener, no crimper. I'm a wash and go kinda gal, and I can't use hairspray or gel anyway.
Anything that plugs in (unless it's a waffle iron!) no foot spa, no neck massager, none of that!
Things for primping. I have sensitive skin and allergies and I like to pick this stuff out myself.
Bracelets. They do not work with my lifestyle, getting wet in the sink, caught on my crochet, and knocking the baby in the head and waking her up when I lay her down to bed.

What I will probably get:
Something from Walgreens that was available at 11:30 pm on Christmas Eve. Happens every year - just save the receipt, dear! I love you!

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