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Friday, December 08, 2006
Suddenly I'm feeling crafty. Well, I'm always working on a project, but this Christmas I've started quite a few - I'm making wooden pirate treasure boxes for my boys, a crocheted blanket for one of the boys, teddy bear clothes for 2 of my girls, and painting an unfinished rocking horse for the 1 yr. old. The craft store was having a sale, so I got the bears, boxes, and rocking chair for $25 total. (My 7 year old boy really wants the blanket. He sees me working on it and has asked me several times if, when I'm done, I'll make him one with the same colors! He loves the homespun stuff. Last year he begged me to make him a yellow hat. Which I did and he still wears! Now his 4 year old brother is begging for one too.) I'm also planning to make Floam and Moonsand, which the kids have been begging for months after seeing ads on TV.

I need help! Here's my plea to the blogosphere. I bought fabric to make these dresses for myself and the girls for Christmas. (Hey, there was a sale! Patterns for 99 cents and half off of the fabric!) I've got a pretty holly and ribbon pattern with a white background for the bodice, and "Christmas Red" cotton blend for the skirts. I cannot get the red fabric to set! I've washed it, dried it, washed it again with vinegar, dried in the dryer, but the white fabric I put in comes out pink every time. Any ideas? Should I give up and go buy some green fabric for the skirt?

Here's the bear for the 2 yr. old. I just crocheted around the bear with leftover baby blanket yarn until I had a little sweater (no pattern), and attached quilt binding to some netting. The clothes are removable and eventually I'll make more.
Bear $1.99 1/8 yd. netting, .25 Quilt binding $1.34 (only used half, though)
Total project cost: $3.58 (Making one with a green velvet dress for sister; 1/2 yd. fabric $1.50)

You can do this even if you don't sew - buy some ribbon and glue it on! Make a ballerina bear, clown bear, whatever strikes your fancy.

I've also unpacked the sewing machine. I haven't sewn in 3-4 years, due to lack of time, space, and planning, but I can't find any good maternity clothes that I can afford, it's not garage sale season, and darn it, I'm feeling crafty!

I broke myself in making an apron out of an old towel.

It's not pretty, but very, very functional! My sink leaks and I have constant puddles on the counters, and constantly run around with a wet line around belly button height. Now, the towel protects me, I can wipe my hands on it, it throws in the washer with anything else, and it's an instant potholder. Eventually I'm going to pretty it up, but first, I have other projects to do!

My 4 year old took the picture, which explains why I look like a monstrous giant. That and the 5 month pregnant belly, anyway!

On another note, today is the Feast of The Immaculate Conception, which, no matter what The Hollywood Reporter and Variety think, is about the conception of Mary, not Jesus. It's also a Holy Day of Obligation, so go to church! It's the 22nd anniversary of my First Holy Communion - happy anniversary, sis! Moms, if you have any choice, I highly recommend you have your children do theirs on a memorable feast day. I remember my anniversary every year, and I'm usually in Mass too. Much better than a generic Saturday or Sunday in May or June!

Happy Birthday, other sister! Now that you're 18, remember they can try you as an adult!

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