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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
I blogged recently about weird recipes. There is one recipe that sounded so inedible, I was loathe to try it. But I kept seeing it. Again and again and again. On Foodie blogs.

Roasted Kale. "It's better than potato chips!" commenters raved. "So good I ate the whole batch by myself!"

Yeah, right. I know marketing hype when I see it.

But... kale is good for you. But my kids don't like it (and most especially, my husband hates it.) But it's in season and therefore, cheaper than lettuce or bok choy.

I made it tonight for dinner, and everyone finished it off before the chicken hit the table. "I'd eat that every day if you made it!" husband dear said. And since I'm trying to sneak him back on that anti-inflammatory diet... I just might!

Try it - it really is good. And it's Feingold friendly - Heaven knows how tough it is to find snacks without artificial colors or MSG.

Crispy Kale
Tear a bunch of kale into bite sized pieces, removing the tough stems. Wash and dry. Toss with olive oil to lightly coat. Sprinkle in some kosher salt.

Put on a cookie sheet or in a roasting pan and bake at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. Flip 'em over and roast 5-7 minutes longer. You want them crispy, but not brown.

Eat and enjoy!

Even the one year old ate it. That's a ringing endorsement!

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