Works for Me Wednesday - Best Mop Ever!
Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I've finally found the best mop I've ever used - the Vileda UltraMax. It was $16 for the mop and bucket (it's a set), but I haven't regretted it!

It moves like a Swiffer. But you can throw the pad in the washing machine, and it's much tougher than the paper disposable ones (cheaper too.) No more sour mop smell!

You step on it and it folds in half, then you dump in the wringer. No bending at all, no wrist action required.

It works like a sponge mop, but you don't get those weird "spooge" marks on your last stroke. You know, where there is a thin line of dirtiness that you have to wipe up by hand.

It gets the floor clean, but doesn't leave puddles of water behind. It's just the right amount of wetness.

You can use it dry - like a Swiffer also. I've never actually done this, my floor has never been "not quite dirty enough for a real mopping"!

My kids like to use it - extra bonus!

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