Abortion is not a personal choice
Friday, December 01, 2006
It affects society as a whole, on many levels, for many generations.

A mother's choice to kill her child, for any reason, has a ripple effect of ramifications.

First, it cheapens life. If a person, even though they are a seperate individual with unique DNA and fingerprints, can spend any portion of their life at the complete mercy and whim of anyone else, able to be killed at will, then the dignity of human life as a whole is compromised. This is especially true when the person cannot protest and unable to care for themselves.

Second, it affects more than the woman. There is a father involved, somewhere, somehow. He may not know of the abortion, but if he does, it will change him. Maybe not today, maybe he had a hand in coercing the mother, but someday, it will haunt him. Men don't really talk about that kind of pain; his soul will be forever etched, though, and this will affect anyone he loves. There are grandparents, aunts, cousins, perhaps siblings - all of whom are affected by the mother rejecting, and killing, their offspring.

Third, it affects society. Much of our politics is decided based on life issues, sometimes to the detriment of other issues that are not life and death, but important nonetheless. An entire generation has been slaughtered - my generation. I was born in 1978, well after the Roe v. Wade decision. How many millions of future gifted teachers that could have taught my children, gifted physicians that could care for them, nurses to comfort them, clergy, technology whizzes, inventors have been killed? What would our world look like if we had the artistry, brain power, or writing of this lost generation? What would the children of that murdered generation have contributed to humanity? And their children's children?

Fourth, it affects children. Children are now a choice, thanks to contraception and abortion. They have dignity because someone wanted them, not because as creations of the Most High, they are inherently loveable. Their value, it is implied, is derived from other human sources, instead of the desire of the Creator that they come into the world. Every baby that is aborted was specifically and purposefully created by God. They are not accidents to be cleaned up like a dog's mess. They are fearfully and wonderfully made. The children that survive pregnancy are viewed in a different way by society, and we relate to them in a different way than generations before us, no longer as a blessing from God, but an option.

Fifth, it affects the mothers. Physically, they may never be able to carry a child to term or have obstetric problems, often stemming from the damage caused to the cervix during the abortive process. The strong chemicals and hormones can wreak havoc on a woman's body, and the emotional damage cannot be underestimated. There are many good resources whose sole ministry is to comfort women who have had an abortion - have you ever seen a support group for someone who had a tooth pulled or other benign tissue removed? Of course not, because abortion is different. It also changes women as they are lied to about fertility, their bodies, and purpose of sex. They can be sucked deeper and deeper into the worldliness and promiscuity of our secular culture, which is intrinsically damaging to women as they are valued for their body, not their virtues.

Thank goodness the Blessed Virgin was prolife!

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