Works for Me Wednesday Greatest Hits!
Wednesday, March 04, 2009
We are THAT Family, the new hostess of Works for Me Wednesday, has a themed edition today: greatest hits.

According to Blogger, I have published 85 WFMW posts! How do I pick just one? Which are my best?

Hmmm, maybe it's the homemaking tips:
Stomp on the TP

Organize the Kitchen so the slaves children can clean it

When You Have to Chisel the Oatmeal Off the Floor

Or the cooking ones?
This post is the one that gets the most hits! Make Your Own Hamburger Helper. Despite the fact that I think "use some water" is a valid recipe direction.

Maybe money management:
Invisible Clutter

Hmm, surely I have a good laundry tip!
The Family Closet

Ah, I'm an expert at parenting. Occasionally.
Cure Sibling Rivalry

Aw, heck, check 'em all out!

But, I think my #1 most useful post is If You Have a Toddler.

Because Ikea is a dangerous place. And so is a house with a two year old.

What's your favorite tip I've offered on Works for Me Wednesday?

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