WFMW: Chisel Me This
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Every frugal Mama worth her salt serves oatmeal. And every toddler in the known universe smears that oatmeal on whatever surface is handy - hair, floor, table, chair. Any chemist can tell you that oatmeal has stronger bonding properties than concrete, or indeed, any substance known to man (with the possible exception of baked-on egg or Cream of Wheat).

What's a Mama to do?

Bring out the big guns:
I bought a set of plastic putty knives - it was three pack for around a dollar. I use them for everything. Oatmeal on the table, modeling clay on the floor, burned popcorn in a pot.

They work beautifully on stoneware. They really help get my flat top stove clean. They have multitude of uses for cleaning, plus they are cheap and easy!

What? You don't have to scrape day old food off the floor with a chisel? You've never stepped in playdoh? Well, let's just keep this tip between us, then.

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