WFMW: Sibling Rivalry
Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mr. R and Miss E do not get along. They do not like each other in the car, they do not like each other near or far. They do not like each other on a boat, they do not like each other with a goat.

These two children fight more than all of the other five children combined. Although Baby X doesn't really fight so much as cry a primordial scream of infant affrontation.

What to do? For most sibling rivalry offenses, the Slavery Technique works well. Harass your brother, you owe him a chore. Depending on the level of harassment, and the respective ages of the combatants, it could be a chore or a day of slavery.

However. Mr. R and Miss E fight about that, as well. If Mr. R is not actively pouting, complaining, and projecting verbal spewage, Miss E will conclude that he is not miserable enough. No misery = not enough punishment. Not enough punishment = whine at Mom. Whine at Mom = more punishment (Miss E's turn this time). Ah, the circle of family life... it's enough to make me break out the duct tape.

Until I heard Dr. Ray's thoughts on the matter. He's my favorite parenting expert - a psychologist and father of ten children. He knows what he's talking about.

His suggestion? Make them sit at the table across from each other. No one gets up until the other one gives them permission. Brilliant! We'll be seeing if this works for me... quite soon, as the battle stations are already being manned.

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