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Thursday, February 26, 2009
Baby X waved hello at the garbage truck! This is a milestone. He's almost 23 months and has never waved hi or bye at any one or any thing! His sign language is ramping up, but since he still doesn't cross the midline it's a little hampered. He can say more, please, eat, drink, play, stop, no... and we're working on turtle.

He's potty training and we're suddenly cloth diapering, too (disposables for overnight, still, though.) I'm 100% sure I'm doing it wrong, but it's ridiculously easy! I've thought about cloth diapering a few times over the years, but once I start researching it I get intimidated by the cost of starting and the options and the washing instructions and the details, details, details.

Last month, a friend sent me a big box of cloth diaper pads, and some wraps (too small for X). I decided to work with what we had - size 2T underwear. Put pad in underwear (two for naptime). If wet/accident, dump it in a bucket in the bathroom (#2's washed out in toilet). At the end of the day, put in washer with a little detergent; soak in cold water. Then wash in hot water. Dry. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It helps that the boy is catching onto the Potty Game very quickly.

In my defense, I think it's ridiculously easy for me right now because he's kid #7- I've already cleaned so much poop out of clothing in my lifetime that it doesn't phase me anymore, and I already do a lot of laundry. The diapers are a tiny load comparatively and I don't have to fold them!

How annoying is it to get a pop up message? The latest one says:
Windows is unable to configure you internet connection. Please see Section 8812 on www.microsoft.com for troubleshooting information.

As much as I'd love to browse the technical support for Windows, I can't. Because my connection won't configure.

Have you seen this? A Letter From the Boss.

We finally got our tax return filed. First, we could not find last years tax return or Baby X's social security number. You have to have last year's Adjusted Gross Income or remember your 5 digit PIN, or know your AGI to use the free filing software off the IRS website. And I have to know the social so I can write that little boy off. Why have kids if not for the dedcutions?

Husband dear finally got X's number off his employee paperwork ( you have to fill it in on the insurance application). And you can call the IRS to get your AGI!

If you don't know your IRS PIN or last year's AGI, call 1-800-829-1040. Listen to the Nutcracker Suite hold music for a ridiculously long time. Answer a slew of personal questions and get your info!

I love filing our taxes. Our return is generally uncomplicated, and we get $ back. Now we can play "We Won the Lottery" and plot how to spend it. I want to buy beds for the kids, a Berkey water filter, and laminate cubbies to replace the wire ones in the closet. Husband dear wants to buy a deep freezer, half a cow, and grow to a 2 computer family and/or a 2 car family. Or at least fix the window and door lock so they open. Such a handy thing, a car window that opens! Especially when it's the Drive-Thru one.

I also want to buy new picture frames with glass. We had an unfortunate Superman incident on our moving boxes and every one of our pictures had broken glass. For those of you without boys, a "Superman" incident generally involves capes, peer pressure, and a jumping off point.

Yeah, we dream big over here.

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