Dear Mr. Samuel
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Thank you for commenting on my little blog. I would like to refer you to my long standing commenting policy, for your information, should this not be a one-hit wonder and should you decide to type into my Haloscan box again.

Your comment is baffling irrelevant, coming on a post more than 15 months old, but I can see how you might feel passionately about Church and State not wanting you to see a movie that's been out on DVD for months.... wait, no, it's simply irrelevant.

I did post more on the same topic, a few days later. You could find it by clicking in the top left search box, typing in "Golden Compass", and reading. It appears that reading comprehension may be challenging for you, but that's the beauty of the written word. You can come back to it. With a dictionary, if need be.

Had you read the post, or the follow up, you may have noticed that my objection to the movie was not that the writer of the book was an atheist. Rather, my objection was that the movie promoted "familiars" and "demons" as appropriate playmates for children - which actually isn't an atheist world view. The author has also stated that his agenda in writing the books was not to provide harmless entertainment with "heart", but to specifically drive people away from organized religion. As this is diametrically opposed to my worldview, I am opposed to the movie.

It is quite interesting that you would seek my blog out to rant how I'm "in your face". I'm also not sure how posting two separate entries is "denying the existence" of the materials. And if you want to talk about the Catholic church, bring it on. But don't just say that Catholics are lying perverts and then run away. That's called stereotyping, and it's generally frowned upon by modern, civilized people. For you to say that I should not post my beliefs on my blog is asinine.

And I mean that in the sense of the second definition.

Have a nice day!

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