The Dow Jones Doesn't Believe in Obama
Thursday, March 05, 2009
Actually, the stock market falls whenever the government starts meddling, starting with TARP back in October.

I couldn't find a graphic of Obama's actions and what the stock market did, so I made my own.

(Click to enlarge - it's down 37%)

I think it speaks for itself.

Now he wants to discriminate against the successful Americans. Under his plan, they can't write off their mortgage interest. Is creating a disincentive to invest in large, expensive properties when the housing market is suffering really a good idea? How many people are put to work when a wealthy individual decides to build a million dollar mansion?

They won't be able to write off their charitable donations, either, even as charitable institutions a straining under the burden of providing services for even more people who have lost everything - job, house, retirement plans... Oh, yeah. Government will take care of them. They've done such a stellar job of taking care of education, securing our borders, and eliminating illegal drugs, after all. Surely we can trust them to make sure our babies don't go hungry, right?

I wish he'd stop appointing tax dodgers and pick a few people who actually had a clue!

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