It's A Wonder She's Survived This Long
Thursday, January 29, 2009
Overheard at my house yesterday:

Miss E: Look, Mom, Baby X likes his upside down piggy back ride!

Me: Don't do that! You could drop him on his head!

Miss E: Yeah, he likes that! KA-THUNK.

Poor baby. And apparently he did like it because he laughed hysterically.

Overheard last week (while Miss E was taking a bath).

Me (ankle deep in water): Miss E! The floor is full of water!

Miss E: Oh, yeah. Miss C turned on the faucet.

Me: Well, why didn't you get out and turn the faucet off before it flooded the floor?

Miss E: I didn't turn it on. It's not my job.

Cruel mother that I am, I did insist that it is indeed her job to prevent wanton destruction of our home. And I made her get out of the tub and soak up all the water, too.

This sink is the bane of my existence. Why would they put a sink with no overflow hole in the hall bathroom near the kids' rooms?

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