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Friday, September 05, 2008
Many people have wondered about my name, since I live in Houston.

I grew up in Colorado, although I wasn't born there. I went to elementary school there. I had middle school bullies there. Graduated high school there. First kiss, first date, first driver's license - all in Colorado. I met my husband there, got married in Denver, and birthed four babies... all in the Mile High City.

Thus, the name. That, and when I started blogging I was totally going to have an awesome site like A to Z Homeschool, but chock full of all things Denver. So my name had to be branded.

I may live in Houston, but my heart is in Denver.

Why Milehimama, and not MileHighMama? I'm simply unnaturally prejudiced against silent letters, I guess.

I even cut my brownies into the shape of the state, and make sure my muffins come out of the oven with peaked cones. That's how much I love Colorado.

Colorado is a great state. You can't sell cars on Sunday. You can't put your sofa on the porch. You can't cause light pollution with your porch light. And they eat every part of the animal. Ever hear of Rocky Mountain Oysters?

Every year, the Columbus day parade is a MAJOR event, complete with protests. Cinco de Mayo shuts down half the city. We have a state dinosaur, people!

Colorado is also infested with aliens.

Who left their mother ship in a Woody Allen movie.

What's not to love?

My heart will always be a mile high.

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