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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
***UPDATE*** I posted a link to this page in the moderated comments on the Catholics for Obama website. I comment there often, and always from a prolife point of view. The moderator deleted my link AND disallowed the link to my profile! I think it is true, a picture speaks louder than words. I left the mod the following comment:
Wow, it is a little disingenuous and cowardly to remove the link from the comment and also disallow the link to my profile.

May God soften your heart towards these babies, who have no hope unless our leaders change things.

May you be filled with God's mercy,

Please pray for Catholics who support abortion. It will be a terrible day for them when they have to face Christ - and the souls of these babies. Pray that their hearts will change, and that they learn to love ALL life, just as Christ tells us to.

The Obama campaign, ever hungry for the Evangelical and Catholic vote, is all atwitter over a new PAC - the Matthew 25 PAC. Obama has used Matthew 25 as his main talking point when addressing matters of faith and politics.

Here's a poster I made up just for them!

Picture is of a 20 week old fetus.

I will never vote for a leader who abuses his power by fighting for children to be killed so that they won't pose an undue burden to their mother.

Feel free to grab this for your blog - just link back and leave a note in the comments!

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