Feminist Daughter Betrayed
Thursday, May 29, 2008
This story is just so sad.

Alice Walker
is a prominent feminist who wrote The Color Purple. She's the "men and children are burdens" type of feminist, not the "women have the right to make choices" type.

Her daughter, Rebecca, suffered for it. When Rebecca did finally become pregnant, her mother disowned her. Alice Walker also has a famous poem which describes Rebecca as "a calamity", so she's not exactly a baby lover.

Rebecca's essay, here

Depriving children of the fathers, and then their mothers, will only bring bad things and deform society. Mothers are not unpaid, unskilled labor in charge of watering and feeding children like hot house flowers. Mothers awaken humanity. Then they give them a snack.

H/T to Kim at Starry Sky Ranch, a Traditional Catholic mom of 1o in Colorado.

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