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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
We're trying to eat from the pantry as much as possible, because a) we have no income right now and b) we might be moving.

Last night I made lentil enchiladas. A very easy, and surprisingly tasty replacement for ground beef is a lentil and rice mix. Even better, 1 bag of lentils (at 78 cents) will replace 4-5 pounds of hamburger.

I cook 1 lb. bag of lentils, picked over, 3 c. brown rice, 12 cups of water, and a finely diced onion. Simmer 45 minutes until rice is tender. Keep in fridge for up to a week or freeze.

Baby X is not a lentil fan, however.

I made enchilada sauce, too, and finally have a recipe I love (I detest the canned stuff, and I'll eat my enchilada naked before I use Old El Paso!)

Enchilada Sauce:

4-6 dried red chiles. Find them in the mexican food section.
1 15 oz. can diced tomatoes
1 15 oz. can carrots, drained
garlic powder

Cut the stems off the chiles, shake out the seeds, and cover in boiling water. Use about 1/2 c. water per chile. The more seeds you keep, the hotter the sauce will be. Let it sit until chiles are soft (a few minutes).

Dump chiles and water into the blender. Throw in the canned tomatoes with juice, and drained carrots. Add an onion.


Add spices to taste. I go heavy on the garlic. Blend.


The kids liked the enchiladas.

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