The Plot Thickens
Monday, April 14, 2008
Well, husband dear signed with the lawyer yesterday for the wrongful termination suit.

Here's the situation in a nutshell.

A couple of months ago, husband dear's "Foreman J" brought drug paraphernalia out to the site, as well as devices for cheating random drug screens. "Foreman J" had been cheating and stealing from the company for months, and husband dear finally had enough and reported him (supposedly anonymous. Ha ha ha!). "Foreman J" got fired (but managed to get hired on at a company working on the same job site.)

Foreman J is the brother in law of "Supervisor J" and "Foreman E". "Supervisor J" and "Foreman E" are brothers. It's a family affair, and so is the cheating and stealing.

"Foreman E" took over husband dear's crew. "Supervisor J" was always the super of husband dears department.

Husband dear's father went into the ICU, and then died. Husband dear missed a lot of work. "Foreman E" and "Supervisor J" both told him to take as much time as he needed, and not to worry. This absence was covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Husband dear returned to work on a Wednesday. "Superintendent T" told husband dear that he was going to fire "Foreman E" and "Supervisor J". But before he could actually fire him, "Supervisor J", he showed up half drunk and failed a breathalyzer. So he was fired by the safety department. "Superintendent T" offered husband dear the foreman's position, and they struck a deal.

Husband dear showed up to work on Thursday, and was fired. "Superintendent T" did not even talk to him, simply sent the pink slip out with an assistant. The reason listed was "missing work". Two of the days listed, husband dear was actually at work (and has the paystubs to prove it.) Two of the days were when his dad was in the hospital. (Interestingly, he missed close to 20 days total for his dad, but they only listed two.)

"Foreman E" and "Supervisor J" were rehired within a week working at a different jobsite, despite the failed breathalyzer. Husband dear called the HR department, and out to the site, and was told they weren't hiring anyone else.

Then "Superintendent T" gave his son-in-law husband dear's old job. And they called one of husband dear's friends back to work in the same department.

So, we're suing - right now for violation of the Family Medical Leave Act. Perhaps we'll throw a little bit of the whistleblower protection in for good measure. Today husband dear's old co-worker called and offered to speak with our lawyer to corroborate husband dear's story.

Unfortunately, we are without income.

Husband dear has big job interview later this week - pray it goes well!

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