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Monday, February 18, 2008
Wow! We had a fabulous weekend. We went to Bee City, with petting zoo, on Friday, and a homeschool mom that I hadn't met came as well. She lives two hours away, and was planning to get a motel with her children and spend some time in Charleston on Saturday. We invited her for dinner, and then to spend the night. Somehow we just instantly clicked! It was great to have a sleepover.

Saturday we headed to the Southeast Wildlife Expo and had a good time. They also had a petting zoo with a baby zebra (couldn't pet him).

I think I went to too many petting zoos. I dreamed we had a pet cow who was attacking our pet rabbits. I kept throwing cupfuls of food pellets at him, but he wouldn't let the poor bunny go. Then I woke up and spent some time pondering why llamas have such large lower teeth and smaller upper teeth. Yes, too many petting zoos for me!

Sunday, we went to Grandpa's house and I finally met some more of husband dear's extended family. We've been married ten years and I've only met his parents, his brother, and his sister. His uncle lives one state over and stopped in for a visit - and we found out that he has a cousin who works in our town and lives less than an hour up the road from us! I might have to plan a reunion.

Barbara over at Mommylife is running a great series on Montessori at home and toddlers. Check it out if you have a chance!

If your kids are rude, check out The Goops. It's a vintage children's book on manners, being posted online by Lisa from Are We There Yet, another Colorado homeschool mama blog. It's too cute!

I've also been reading The Full Table. Monica from Shine Again has been posting recipes.

Can you tell we've had a busy weekend?? I'm sending you everywhere else on the net for good blog posts!


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