Mrs. Fussypants, I Have a Bone to Pick
Friday, February 08, 2008

Dear Mrs. Fussypants,

I am trying (oh, how I am trying) to fight the frump. It's Lent now, and you now the old "anoint your head with oil" while you are fasting instructions. I'm not using oil, but I am using Garnier Fructris Shine Solution.

However, you neglected to warn me of the consequences. Yesterday I put lipstick on so I could galavant through the house with a perfect pucker. The children pestered me for hours, wanting to know who was getting married and who was coming to babysit them while I attended the wedding. Because any semi-qualified teenage girl is much preferred to their longsuffering mean old mom.

The real problem came as I interacted with my youngest. Him's just a baby and I could just eat hims up! And I did.

I had to use half a bottle of Goo Gone to get the Covergirl out of his sleeper. I also thought we were going to have to visit the doctor, but a careful look revealedthat it wasn't some weird rash, my children's heads were simply covered in Ruby Sunset carnuba wax.

How do I fight the frump and still love my children?

Frumpy Mama

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