Reusable Water Bottle - Cheap!
Monday, February 11, 2008
Recently, it came out that we are slowly poisoning ourselves with hormone disrupting BPAs in our water bottles. Refilling plastic water bottles is a no-no too.

With stainless steel water bottles and thermoses running $20 and up, what's a cheap Mama to do?

My experiment reusing a Snapple bottle was a failure. It's glass, and they don't really seal very tightly when you refill them. "Leaks like a Huggies" is not a good quality in a beverage container.

Finally, I found a solution!

It's stainless steel, ergonomically designed to easily fit in hand or pocket, holds 7 oz, and a twin pack is less than $10!

Then again, I couldn't really use it while driving. Or teaching my Sunday School class. Or while watching the kids play in the yard. Although, the neighbors probably wouldn't be surprised to see me guzzling down at 10 am. I know my boys have driven them to drink.

Hmmm... back to the drawing board;


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