Renaissance Woman or ADHD?
Thursday, January 17, 2008
I *just* figured out how to organize my Bloglines (143 feeds, after deleting several!).

My feeds are all over the map. I've got some family and friends, of course. My sister just started a public blog, Leave the Lights On. You can see who the smart one is in the family.

I've got several with names like Biblical Homemaking, Keeper of the Home, The Homespun Heart.

Some for the lighter side of SAHMY land: Queen of the Dirty Laundry, No Fighting, No Biting,

I've got clergy and religious, including Fr. Philip's excellent, A Shepherd's Voice Fr. Gonzales' at Overheard in the Sacristy, and tongue in cheek Ask Sister Mary Martha.

Birds of a feather flock together, and there are quite a few with names like Catholic Mom of 10 My Domestic Church, and Mothers of Many Saints.

And of course, some "biggies" like Mommylife, Like Merchant Ships, the Sparrow's Nest, and Rocks in My Dryer.

Homeschool blogs are on the list (even though I hate the homeschool blogger hosting and find it hard to use and harder to comment). By Sun and Candlelight is a peaceful stop before diving into our own mash-up of Charlotte Mason, Classical, and Montessori.

I've got blogs of kindred spirits - like the Traditional Catholic large family homeschooler in Colorado Starry Sky Ranch. I was clued in by the chapel veils in last year's picture of the new baby's baptism.

Then... we've got a blog that documents the side effects of atypical antipsychotics. A blog about bipolar/depression, that aggregates important news and documents withdrawals. Natural food blogs. How the brain works blogs.

I've got frugal blogs - Wisebread, the MoneyDummy's, MotherLoad, Stop the Ride.

I've got crafty blogs - Primrose Design, Sew!Mama!Sew!

I've got fun blogs - like Mental Floss.

I've got political and good citizenship blogs: Consent of the Governed, MizReport.

I've got no-nonsense big-sister-tell-it-like-it-is blogs: SAHMY Says (check out her Get Off Your Butt Challenges.)

I've got special needs moms helping their kids with sensible solutions (Aut-2B-Home in Carolina) diet (Gluten Free Frugal), and love (Cause of Our Joy).

I've got writing blogs - Kung Fu Monkey (Transformers, CatWoman) The Artful Writer, Jane Espenson (a TV writing and producing vet of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, currently working on Battlestar Galactica.)

I'm not discriminatory, I have blogs written by men too! Catholic Cavemen, the Curt Jester, dadwithnoisykids at Scorpion Stalking Duck and friend IRL Random Brown are all my bloggy buddies.

Perhaps this grasshopper needs to focus.

What unusual blog is on YOUR feed? I didn't link to all my Blogline feeds. 143 People! It's a sickness! And that's TODAY'S count!

Please note: Some of the blogs linked are not for kids.


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