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Thursday, January 10, 2008
I really enjoy John C. Wright's blog. He's a sci-fi author that also touches on religion and politics.

How can you not like someone who has this to say about Hillary's breakdown?
I was moved. It was the first time this women seemed like a real human being to me, instead of sleazy lawyer addicted to falsehood. I felt sympathy for her-- and I don't consider myself a very sympathetic man.

Of course, the Dems regard us, the normal people, as devils, and they think the world is on the brink of destruction from which only their latest crackpot fad of junk science or junk economics, socialized medicine or socialized environmentalism, will save us. They are the crusaders, theirs is the true faith, and we normal people who just want to live our lives and be left alone, we are the Paynims. Fine. I got it. I am not on their side.

But still, you have to feel sorry for her when a woman sobs, or else you are not a man any more.
He has a very interesting moral exercise posted here.

A hypothetical law case for all you students of morality out there: the case of the Three Blind Sons.

How do you rule?

>>>BTW, people who read this blog and find it racist, offensive, and radical (you know who you are) - don't click the links. I wouldn't want you to upset your delicate constitutions.

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