Feeling old...
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Nothing makes a person feel as old as when the youngsters speak and a translator is needed. Using the word youngster also makes one feel old, but not as much as not understanding slang.

Mr R: Mom! Baby C busted a grumpy big time!

Mama: What?
Mr R: She busted a grumpy!

Mama (yelling in the vicinity of the playroom): What broke guys?

Mr R: No! She busted a grumpy. A grumpy!

Mama: Um. Okay then.

Mama Says:
Random musing: If your floors are uneven and the toilet has a tendency to overflow, take that into account before choosing the location of clean towel storage in the bathroom. Especially if that towel storage involves baskets on the floor. In the lowest corner of the room. While the toddler is potty training.

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