Curious Little Criminal
Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Curious George EtherCurious George is bad, and not just because his toys are lined with lead.

Seriously. This little monkey is a bad influence, and if it weren't for the Chimp Lobby he'd have been locked up years ago.

Proof? Let's take just ONE of his books: Curious George takes a Job.

He huffs painkillers.

He vandalizes vacant apartments.

Curious George Paints
He scams restaurants.

He willfully violates health codes.

And then he decides to become an actor. We all know how that story ends - Former Chimp Actor in Rehab, with a DUI thrown in for flavor.
dennis the menace
Although, as long as George stays at least 500 yards away from the criminal entity that is Dennis the Menace, we might be safe.

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