WFMW: Soap Scum Solution
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
I noticed during Shannon's last two backwards Works For Me Wednesday adventures that a burning question in MomBlogLand is what to do about soap scum.

I have the solution: Spray N' Wash. Spray it on your (clean) bathtub and shower (do NOT spray it on the bottom of the tub!) Wipe it around so all areas are covered and let dry. Soap will not stick, not even Irish Spring! If your tub is not clean, I've had good luck with Tilex Soap Scum Super Magic Fantastic cleaner, or what ever it's called. It's from Tilex and says Soap Scum on the label. Our favorite friend Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser works very well too. Don't let the kids rub it on their face and you'll be fine.

We really put this to the test at one home we lived in that had one bathroom, two adult male construction workers, 2 busy little boys and 2 toddlers (and no shower head. Baths for everyone!) I never had a ring around the tub. You will probably have to reapply every 4-6 months though.

Some notes:
1. I have only used Spray N Wash. I have no idea if Shout would work or not.

2. You can also use RainX, that stuff for your car. But I have Spray N Wash in my house and so that's what I used.

3. I repeat the part about not putting it on the floor of the tub. You'll slip, fall, and die. Consider yourself duly warned.

4. If you have one of those automatic shower cleaners, this will work for the spots it won't reach, such as underneath soap dishes, etc.

For more tips, go visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer!

I hope you all are collecting your links for Linky Mark Carnival this weekend. The theme is going to be Toys - Not Made in China,and will include homemade, recycled, and so on. Any links you have cluttering up your Favorites folder about toys, throw it into a post so you'll always know where to find it and join the fun!

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