AquaDots Recall!
Thursday, November 08, 2007
My kids have seen 13,463 commercials for AquaDots. My oldest, in particular, has been trying to convince me of their superiority to Perler Beads for quite some time.

They are being recalled
. If the beads are swallowed, they contain a chemical that converts into the date rape drug and causes seizures, coma, and death. Two children have died. ***Updated to add*** The children didn't die. They fell into an unresponsive coma. Sorry for the mistake.

Sigh. Rocks and sticks for Christmas this year, kids. At least I know the risks of those!

Oh, and BTW, go here to see if you own any of the wagons, tops, toy dishes, music boxes, cars, or toy robots that were also recalled today.


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