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Sunday, November 11, 2007

I usually don't post on weekends.

However, my Bookmarks are OUT OF CONTROL! I easily have a hundred or more.
And so I'm starting a Carnival!

The LinkyMark Carnival

Of course, I have no idea how to create a nifty button for it, but that will come in time... perhaps my first carnival should be Blog 101. :)

The rules: I will share a collection of links related to a theme (and then delete them from my bookmarks, hopefully making that little drop down window easier to navigate!) If you have a link that fits with the theme, post it on your blog and add a link to your post to Mr. Linky. My vision is for this to be place to save your links where you can access them from any computer, and share a great spot on the Net with others.

Links should be on topic, and go to a site that does not require you to be 18 to enter. Seriously, it needs to be family friendly enough that a mom can surf without banning her children from the room.

Links also cannot go to a site that is explicitly anti-Christian. Commercial sites are fine (I love, for example!) If a site requires a membership, or registration (such as, leave a note in the comments with the link indicating how long you've been a member. Only sites with free memberships or registrations are allowed!

Go crazy! Blogs, tutorials, TV websites, commercial sites, school sites... all are allowed (within the above guidelines)

And... it's my blog so I'll delete what I want to. I'm the dictator benevolent leader in Mamaland! I know I probably won't need to, but I'm putting it out there before someone screams No Fair!

Add on throughout the week!

Upcoming themes:
Nov. 17-18: Toys that won't poison our children. Made in the USA links, easy ones to make, and ecofriendly options.

Nov. 24-25: Church or liturgical activities to prepare for Christmas. Advent, St. Nicholas' Day, and so on - best of the net for preparing our hearts for Christ!

Dec. 1-2: Get ready for Christmas links and posts for the more practical and/or secular side of Christmas.

This weekend's theme: Thanksgiving recipes and tips, of course!
My LinkyMarks to remember for Thanksgiving:

Really good, easy pumpkin pie. I made this last year with rave reviews!

Countdown to Thanksgiving, a series of ongoing posts at HomeEc 101

Best cranberry sauce EVAH! And the kids can help you make it. They love to listen to the cranberries explode - make sure your pot has a lid! (Note: The recipe says five servings, but it makes way more than that! Half the recipe for a smaller gathering)

The Butterball site. A Thanksgiving obligatory link. They have podcasts!

Pilgrim Lapbook carnival
-I haven't mined all the links yet, but thought I'd put it here to, you know, get it out of my bookmarks!

Cute, easy kid craft from Scribbit

Make a teepee out of newspapers. Good to know the engineering degree was good for something! I think that paperbags could be subsituted for the paper plates. I mean, stapling 200 paper plates together? What were they thinking?

Or, a non-disposable teepee.

Bunch O'Links from Boys + Academy

I love the way she decorated her window for Thanksgiving at By Sun and Candlelight! Great for renters, easily removable and portable!

How the Pilgrims actually celebrated the first one

Can you tell I LOVE pumpkin?

My favorite pumpkin bread recipe. I substitute applesauce for the oil, make it in a bundt cake pan and top it with cream cheese frosting (5 Tbs. melted butter, 4 oz. cream cheese, 1-2 c. powdered sugar depending on how sweet you like it, mix well with electic mixer. So easy!)

Pumpkin butter recipe I want to try

Pumpkin school curricula

What links do have to make a Happy Thanksgiving?

Scribbit has a link bonanza herself for her Winter Bazaar. I really like her idea of telling jokes!

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