False Prophet Endorses ProAbort Candidate
Thursday, November 08, 2007
Whew! If them's not fightin' words, I don't know what are!

I'm sure you've heard by now that Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for President. This came as a shock to many, because Rudy is not against abortion. He is "personally" against abortion but won't make that choice/force his morality on others. (This is such a weasel! Why is he against abortion? If he believes that it ends a child's life, than why would he not want it stopped? If he doesn't believe it ends a child's life, than why be personally against it?) (He's not actually personally against it. He is, after all, a Planned Parenthood donor.) (My, I use parantheses quite a bit around here! It's the blog equivalent of a hushed whisper for the juicy stuff you don't want the kids to hear and snarky asides.)

I'm not that surprised. Pat Robertson's the guy on the 700 Club, for those who can't put a face with the name. He also is a false prophet. I spent months in 1999 watching him tell the world that Y2K was going to be horrible, just a trial of faith for God's people. The Lord told him to help the saints be prepared, he said. He paraded experts on water storage, promoted generators, talked about how to stock food, endorsed getting out of stocks and into gold. All in the Name of the Lord. Well, we all know what a letdown Y2K was to survivalists, don't we!

Let's not forget the latest presidention election prediction - the Lord revealed to Robertson that Bush would win by a landslide.

Robertson has an official position on abortion on his website. He clearly thinks abortion is murder. However, he'll apparently overlook that little detail because he's Giuliani's friend and wants to beat Hilary. IMO, a vote for Giuliani is pretty much a vote for Hilary, their platform is so similar, but that's another rant. Actually, it appears that Robertson is against murder, unless it's the cheapest option. Then feel free, as long as the victim is really, really bad.

He ran for president a while back - maybe 20 year ago? I guess it would be like Dukakis coming out in favor of Obama. Who cares?

I don't know why people are so surprised. Robertson doesn't seem to have a firm moral core - he invested heavily in African diamond mines, using the blood money to fund his various enterprises. This prophecy is still up on his website as well, copyright 2006. Um, Pat? It's been more than 40 years since June 5, 1967 (a date that had to be changed from the original 1948, when the State of Israel was created and which figured prominently in the whole 'a generation will not pass away' prophecies. Until it didn't come true and the 1948 generation started passing away.)

Giuliani and Robertson are apparently friends, and my cynical side sees this as his way of trying to prevent Christian conservative leaders from forming a third party, as Dobson has declared if Giuliani wins the Republican nomination. And so, even though acceptance of homosexuality causes natural disasters in Robertsonland, he's all for Giuliani who is notoriously liberal on that issue. Does he hate America? Does he want us to be destroyed by even more hurricanes, floods, droughts, and earthquakes, because of our President's agenda? It's a head scratcher.

The Bible tells us what to do with men whose prophecies don't come true. However, we under the Law of Grace, so put your stones away, folks! There is still hope, so make sure you slip his conversion into your prayers.

Sorry for the rant. I get worked up about such things. It's going to be long election year. I was planning to post about our toy dilemma, boycotting China poisonous ones, and Christmas! Back to your regularly scheduled blog tomorrow - or even later today if I'm feeling procastinacious finish my to-do list!

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