Tuesday, November 13, 2007
I told you I was bad at Memes. SAHMY Says tagged me for this meme over a month ago; last week Hadias at A Day in the Life of tagged me again. Here goes!


8 things I'm passionate about...
My family (c'mon, everyone has this one! I told you I'm boring!)
Prolife activities
Homesteading/surviving WWIII with a pocketknife in a log cabin
Saving money (it's a sickness. But at least I'm not blowing the paycheck at the spa)
Education - both of my children and continuing education for myself. DIY, of course.
Comparative religion (I talk to every missionary who shows up on my doorstep. And invite them back. I'm in the middle of JW meetings, right now.)
Natural medicine/Nutrition based medicine/FDA Mockery and Skepticism Did you know they are developing a vaccine for cavities? And that the biggest contributor to the American Diabetes Association, who issues guidelines of diabetes treatment, is Hershey Corp. and Cadbury-Schweppes?
Screenwriting and then picking apart every television show and video I watch with commentary on bad dialogue and missed opportunities to heighten dramatic tension. Especially on Season Two of Heroes (oh, how the mighty have fallen). My husband really, really loves me.

8 things I say often
Are you bleeding?
Are you Dead?
You'll survive If I'm feeling particularly maternal, I might offer them a wet rag, which every mother knows cures all ills, real or imagined.
Get out of the tree (Monkey blood runs strongly in this family)
Oooh, hims a vishious vewociwaptor to Baby X who has Claws of Steel no matter how often we clip his nails. Say it aloud for full effect.
I'm not paying that much! I'll do it/make it/cook it/ myself!
It's "Yes Ma'am, NOT Yes Sir" My children are often gender confused and manners challenged.
"Let your YES mean YES and your No mean No." They're not even teenagers yet, but they have the shoulder shrug/grunt down and Ida Know has taken up permanent residence around here.

8 books I've read recently...or am currently reading
Bible I don't read so much as do particular studies on theological teachings and concepts. Although my Bible study is on Matthew so we are reading that chronologically (Check out this verse. It's a howler! Deut. 25:11-12. Can't you just see the Israelite leaders mediating this dispute?)
Country of the Pointed Firs, by Sarah Orne Jewett - I picked it up after reading My Antonia by Willa Cather and reading about it in the preface.
Catch-22 by Joseph Heller - It's my 'car book', so I'm reading it very slowly. What? No one else has a book they keep in the car for those dull moments at the drive thru, bank, or waiting for husband dear to fillup the tank? I'm still a nerd, I guess.
Foxfire 1, 2, and 3
Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic
by David Currie.
The Treasure Box by Orson Scott Card. It was different from his Ender series, and bordered on fantasy in usual Card tradition. Also made me tear up, in usual Card tradition.
House of the Scorpion
Adventures in Thrift, for Hadias' Blogger Book Club. It's page turner click-througher!

8 things I want to do before I die...
Take a cruise through the Panama Canal
Write a movie that gets made
Go to medical school and work for Doctors without Borders or similar organization; be a medical missionary.
Have a home with a proper library, and read all the books
Learn to decorate a cake, including roses without using fruit rollups.
Learn to control my temper (and my tongue. Can we say acerbic? That's me.)
See Christopher Hitchins convert and repent
See my husband convert and receive the sacraments.

8 songs I can listen to over and over again, and probably have...
I don't listen to music much. I actually probably couldn't name 8 songs (but I could hum you a bar or two until you recognize it!)

There's the one from Andrew Lloyd Weber's The Secret Garden I like.

There's that funny one about Captain Kirk and crossing the border from years back.

Weird Al usually makes me laugh.

Creed from Petra is a good one. Also This is My Prayer. Totally awesome song for someone whose husband has to leave home for work.

O Salutaris, Hostia is my favorite hymn.

That's only six, but that's as good as it gets. Sorry. I'm a talk radio junkie.

8 things that attract me to my friends
They are kind
They are not foolish (I so do not need soap opera drama in my life)
They are steadfast, not fair weather friends
They are not afraid to disagree, but do it in a friendly way
They love my children (and I love theirs)
They understand, often without words
They are okay with the fact that I am not a hugger and don't get offended
They are passionate (about something.)
A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter: he that has found one has found a treasure. Sirach 6:14
8 things I learned in the last year
Pork and mustard is not BBQ, despite what any South Carolinian might tell you. It might be called BBQ, but unless there is a cow involved it just ain't right.
I don't like the beach. Thank goodness the nursling gives me an excuse to hang out away from the sun, salt and sand.
I miss snow even though scraping the car was a most-dreaded chore.
You should measure the width of the fridge door before installing it in a narrow walkway. Not pointing fingers here - I'm just sayin'
Making strange and exotic things such as salami and yogurt at home is not very difficult
at all!
Even a seventh baby can still throw you for a loop.
Your breadmaker is your friend
AT&T still stinks.
Every month we have some sort of problem with the bill, and a totally unrelated problem with our service. I don't have any other options right now, though.

I don't know who to tag, because, honestly, I've seen this all over and I think everyone's already done it! If you visit and you haven't done it, consider yourself tagged and leave a comment so I'll know where to find you!

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