My Baby is Sick
Friday, May 18, 2007
Baby X is in the hospital tonight. We had to drive him to Columbia today, because the pediatric cardiologist wanted to see him right away. They listened to him and gave him an echo cardiogram, and everything is fine (YAY!).

Then they took his blood pressure, which was crazy high (133-140 systolic, over 100 is too high for a 6 week old baby). The nurse, and then the dr., took it 6 times and then sent us over to the nephrologist (kidney dr.). He took it and got 128, and admitted Baby X to the hospital. The docs over here say that the two main causes of high blood pressure in a baby are kidneys and heart - and we've already gotten the heart cleared so they are looking at kidneys now.

Had some tests, and Baby X has low sodium and now his blood pressure is too low (59). Had a renal ultrasound and doppler to measure blood flow to the kidneys too, haven't heard about those yet.

They aren't sure what is going on yet, but I am here at the hospital at least until tomorrow and husband dear had to leave us and head back home.

We were planning to fix the car (it died on Monday, so husband dear has been taking the Catholic Sports Car aka Minivan to work, leaving me carless), pack, look for a new place and mow the yard this weekend... now our plans are to wait, wait, and wait some more.

That's all for now, but I'll be updating as I can (looonnnnggg stretches of nothing to do here in this room, so maybe it will be frequent! Who knows!)

The children's floor of the hospital is a sad place, but everyone is very friendly!

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