Gardasil Injuries
Thursday, August 09, 2007
How they stack up.

Heather asks a good question - basically, what do the numbers mean? How do the amount of Gardasil injuries compare with the other HPV vaccines? How do they compare with other vaccinations given to boys and girls?

You can search out this information on any vaccine yourself at the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Please note that these are not necessarily all injuries that happened, it is a self reporting system.

I compared Gardasil (HPV4) with the other HPV vaccine, counting all injuries reported in 2007 from vaccines given in 2007 in the US:

Vaccine TypeCountPercent (of 989)

The HPV4 is Gardasil; the HPV is listed as "no brand name". There was no data for GSK's Cerverix. So, according to VAERS data, of all adverse events reported due to an HPV vaccine, 97.88% are due specifically to the Gardasil vaccine.

Again, these numbers don't mean so much until I can find out how many doses of Gardasil vs. NoName Brand were administered. If 98% of all HPV vaccinations are Gardasil brand, the then it would appear that it is not more dangerous than the generic. Also I am without data as to how many vaccinations have taken place total, to determine what percentage of vaccinated girls are directly harmed. I've done cursory Google searches, but don't seem to be able to get that info. Any ideas?

In order to compare the HPV vaccine injuries to the ratio of vaccine injuries given to male and female children, one must know what percentage of vaccinated persons reported an adverse event. You have to compare apples to apples. Maybe when it is not 107 degrees outside (that doesn't even account for the Heat Index, either!) I'll be able to play with it a little more!

The CDC Wonders site lets you view and sort data in multiple ways - check it out for yourself! (Look under Immunizations for the vaccine data)

A side note: I was going to link to the weather site from the local paper for those skeptics among you who may doubt it is actually 107 degrees. According to my Dodge Grand Caravan it is, but that is not the most scientific data source! When I viewed the temperature charts and historical data, it gave me the option of viewing the stats for the next day. That's right folks, the Charleston Post-Courier has a time machine and can tell you tomorrows temperatures, sorted by time, today!

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